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Sailor-Senshi-Maker-wide by princesskatara
I made twilight and flash as sailor moon characters from doll divine twilight is sailor Twilight the sailor of love and friendship and will save anyone in need. her boyfreind is flash he comes to her rescue when is she is in trouble. and her cat spikeis always there help her and give advice he is her best friend and she loves him very much :)
My top 10 characters I like But everyone Hates by princesskatara
My top 10 characters I like But everyone Hates
1. Flash Sentry(My Little pony Equestria Girls)

The Reason why people hate flash cause they say he is a waifu stealer and has no personality or development. Let me tell you that's BULLSHIT  flash is a nice handsome guy and he doesn't deserve all the hate he gets it's not his fault Hasbro didn't give him no development or personality and I love flash just the way he is as a flash fan i would like see him pony up and help save the world and sing and Btw you just mad cause he is twilight's love interest grow some balls and accept twilight has a love interest and there is nothing wrong with flash or his character you do realize he is exactly like alden jones from braceface they both are nice play guitar lead singer in their band and love interests of the main characters if you hate flash might as well hate alden too people hating flash for childish reasons need to grow up maybe one day hasbro will give flash some character development i love flash just way he is the haters can say whatever but nothing will stop from loving flash sentry.

2.Prince Hans (Frozen)

Now I can Understand why people Hate hans what he did was wrong only reason I love him and not hate cause he had a terrible childhood and none of his brothers or family gave him no love pretend he was invisible the only brother that cared and loved hans was his brother Lars don't get me wrong it doesn't excuse how he tried to kill elsa and left anna to die but I can understand how he feels he just thought by taking over arendelle he would be loved and accepted he is exactly like loki i hope in frozen 2 hans redeems himself.

3.Karin Uzumaki(Naruto)

well I can understand why some people hate karin but she is not no damn rapist and and shit -_-'' all she ever wanted was sasuke's happiness and she is a good character and I admire her and she is really funny she be a better wife and mother to sasuke and sarada.

4.Hinata Uzumaki(Naruto)

Now I don't get how anyone can hate hinata she is the sweetest girl ever and she is not useless and she always loved naruto I don't get where you haters get that hinata stalks naruto how is watching him from a distance stalking she didn't watch him when he sleeps or follow him everywhere your damn head and now ya'll say hinata is a bad mother cause she doesn't discipline her kids yeah you really making up dumb reasons to hate an angel like hinata and she is not annoying that's all I got to say.

5.Trixie Tang(The Fairly Odd Parents)

Now I can understand some people can hate trixie cause she is mean and shallow and rejects Timmy but outside of that she does have a good heart and she's not always shallow she does return Timmy's affections and can be nice she is not so bad I like her :)


Now the reason people hate kikyo she tried kill inuyasha ans kagome people fail to realize that that she was manipulated to think inuyasha killed and betrayed her so she is not that bad she just been told lies well that's all.

7.casey Jones(Teenage mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 TV Series)

Reason people hate him cause he comes between april and donnie and he is a jerk. I love casey he is like kevin from ben 10.

8.Chris Mclain(Total Drama)

reasons he is hated cause he is sadistic motherfucker and give his contestants dangerous challenges but he is funny i love him.

9.Kisshu(Tokyo Mew Mew)

reason he is hated cause he abusive which is the only reason but he actually a good guy and loves ichigo .

10.orihime Inoue(Bleach) 

reason people hate her cause they say she is useless that's all i know why they hate her.

MY ten pairings I hate by princesskatara
MY ten pairings I hate
10. sasusaku (Naruto) 

The reason I hate couple cause it sucks i use to like it when I was a kid but then i realize it is the worst couple ever for starters sasuke tried to kill her which i don't really care about  plus sakura does'nt understand shit about sasuke all she cares about is that uchiha penis of his i hate how sasusaku fans say he loves her and shit where is the proof sasuke doesn't love her he only with her cause of sarada even kishimoto hates this couple as well I hope sasuke leaves her ass there is no love in this couple at all you see sasuke shows zero affection for her it's unclear if they are married no wedding photos or whatsoever and sasusaku fans get all butthurt when anti's bash their couple what we are saying are true. sasuke would been better off alone or with karin sakura is a selfish bitch doesn't understand men i don't understand how they even got together these are reasons I hate sasusaku.


The reasons I hate this couple sakura is abusive bitch and rude to naruto even though naruhina is canon I still hate narusaku and narusaku fans keep believing naruto loves sakura and are like his parents and obirin these fans are drunk and are in their own genjutsu and other reasons I hate it it's not a good pairing and it's just as bad as sasusaku.

8.Buzz and Jessie(Toy Story)

The reasons I hate this couple mainly cause I wanted Jessie and woody to be a couple in the toy story movies buzz and jessie are not good couple whatt was john lasseter thinking smh

7.Katara And Aang(Avatar:The Last Airbender)

My reasons for hating this couple is simple aang is an immature kid and can't take rejection well i read katara and aang was never going to happen and i did'nt like he kissed katara when she was confused boys don't do that shit >.> don't get me wrong I love aang just not with katara she treated him like a little brother they are not good for eachother and never will be.

6. Fluttershy and Discord (My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic)

My reasons for hating this couple is discord is like way older than fluttershy i don't get how MLP fans ships this they are better off as friends.

5.Tootie and Timmy(The Fairly Odd Parents)

The reason I hate this couple is cause tootie is an obsessive stalker freak can't take a hint  Timmy doesn't like her early in FOP she was like planing their wedding and shit she's just a crazy stalker boys don't go for stalker chicks.

4. Snow and serah(Final Fantasy XIII)
The reason I hate this couple snow and serah are not a good match and I prefer her with noel  that's mainly why I hate snow and serah.

3. Nex And Aisha(Winx Club)

The reason I hate Nex and Aisha he was a jerk when was introduced  and I wanted roy and aisha to be a couple it pisses me off that roy was a possible love interest for her then she goes around and dates nex and forgets Roy fucking shit Raindow make up your mind dammit -.-'

2.April and donnie( Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 TV Series)

The reason I hate this couple cause it's not a good couple donnie is trying to force April to like him his crush is cute and all but April sees him as a good friend April and Casey have feelings for each other hate to break it to you but they will never happen in every TMNT franchise Casey and April are romantically involved.

1. Spike and Rarity( My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic )

My reasons are hating this couple is HELLO SPIKE IS A BABY DRAGON why are you shipping him with a full-grown pony don't get me wrong they are cute together  but sparity is nothing but a cute crush and it will never happen megan said that other that is the main reason.




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